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A Miracle Maker!

We are the only qualified Nopal Extract producer, period.
At Desert Bloom, we have developed concentrated Nopal Extract, a pure nutritional product that provides unbelievable benefits.

Nopal Extract is prepared as a purified, pasteurized extract of Nopal in juice form. DESERT BLOOM Nopal Extract is a 100% natural product extracted from the Opuntia Ficus-Indica variety of Nopal, with a natural form of sodium benzoate added as a preservative. The process of preparing Nopal (which excludes only course insoluble fiber) is designed to retain and enhance the natural synergistic properties of Nopal. This permits concentration of the active ingredients of Nopal, including its 18 amino acids, unsaturated fats, soluble fiber (pectin in particular), and its essential vitamins and minerals.

Does Nopal in capsule or tablet form really work?
Studies have shown that heating (such as through cooking or pasteurization) serves to enhance the beneficial properties of Nopal. Conversely, that the beneficial properties of Nopal are lost where Nopal has been dehydrated, leaving primarily only the course insoluble fiber which some companies sell as nopal in powdered capsule or tablet form.  Don't be fooled.

Users of DESERT BLOOM Nopal Extract have reported the following benefits:
  • Reduction of blood sugar to normal levels
  • Increased energy
  • Improved sense of well-being and fitness
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Reduced arthritic pain
  • Improved urinary function
  • Improved digestion
  • Decreased tendency to gain weight
  • Improved male sexual function

Additionally, Type 1 Diabetics have reported being able to reduce their intake of Insulin by injection.

Nopal Juice (U.S. Domestic only) :

32 Fl oz. (34 oz net wt.) Bottle for 1 month of supply.

1. Desert Bloom Extract (
Platinum )

2. Desert Bloom Extract
(Gold )

Suggested Use
  • For weight below 140 pounds (60kg): Take a 1 ounce capfull in the morning before breakfast.
  • For weight over 140 pounds (60kg): Use 2 ounce capfull in the morning before breakfast
  • You can mix Nopal with 10 oz. water or your favorite juice.

More detailed information regarding dosages, product warnings and health conditions is supplied with each order of Desert Bloom Nopal Juice.

Our Guarantee to You

We value you as our customer and that is why we guarantee our products for freshness. We use only the choicest, hand-picked, tender young Nopal and we process our Nopal Extract under the strictest quality control guidelines. WE GUARANTEE IT!

You can rest assured of the purity, consistency and impeccable quality of  our Nopal Extract.

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