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All living creatures depend on nature and “nature’s products” (plants, animals and minerals) for basic sustenance.  For centuries, man has depended on the products of nature not only for basic sustenance, but also as sources of treatment for bodily injury, illness and the myriad maladies that can affect the human body system. 

Even today, given vast advances in science and technology, virtually all (if not all) health and medicinal products consumed by man are derived, in some shape or form, from “nature’s products.”  Penicillin, for example, comes from plant mold.

Today man is again turning to nature and the scientific community, to find products from nature that possess the power to sustain, heal and manage the human body system in a way that promotes better living and freedom from conditions that can debilitate the human body and spirit. This is for several reasons: 

First, today, people throughout the world are increasingly concerned about their health and the positive and negative effects of their food and beverage consumption (i.e. dietary intake of cholesterol, sugar, fats, especially saturated fats, sodium, etc.).   

Second, there is increased consumer interest in “natural” products (i.e. whole foods and beverages without high levels of preservatives, produce grown organically, health supplements from nature’s plants that provide nutrients that have been “lost” in today’s fast food, prepared and processed food, eat-on-the-run culture, etc.). By way of scientific explanation, Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst, a geochemist who works as a visiting scientist for a government nutrition research laboratory and heads 22nd Century Nutrition, a nutrition/scientific consulting company, stated in a 1998 article published in Nutrition Science News regarding essential phytochemicals that are found in natural fruits and vegetables that: 

“Modern produce is bred to be larger, milder and sweeter. Consequently, we have lost a lot of photochemical protection from chronic diseases.”

Third, in many counties, the United States in particular, there is increasing concern about the rising costs of health care. Furthermore, increased longevity and the increased likelihood of health disorders associated with aging are of growing concern.  The high cost of health care is least affordable among the elderly. 

Fourth, in some cases, unwanted and/or undesirable side effects are associated with prescription pharmaceuticals and their positive effects may by short lasting as against natural products that basically work from within, to help the human body maintain and strengthen itself.       

In short, there is significant and growing interest throughout the world today, in natural products that have special nutritional, health maintenance and medicinal benefits.  Among the primary areas of interest are concerns about:

  • Heart conditions (which have been associated with high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, saturated fats and sodium),
  • Obesity (which been associated with diets high in calories, sugar and saturated fats),
  • Immune system efficiency (Cancer, pathogen control, resistance to disease, etc.),
  • Digestive system efficiency (which requires dietary intake of fiber, particularly soluble fiber, pectins, mucilage and gums that aid in digestion and in reducing the effects of saturated fat and toxic substance intake) and
  • Certain health disorders to which certain segments of the population are or have become more susceptible.  One example is Adult On-set (Type II) Diabetes, the incidence of which is rapidly increasing (particularly among Hispanics, Asians, Blacks and native American Indians). 


Before forming Desert Bloom the company, its founders engaged in a quest to re-discover the lost secrets of natural products -- products that have the ability not to cure symptoms (as so much of modern medicine does), but to find natural products that strengthen the systems of the human body and their ability to internally resist disease and the effects of aging.  That quest involved a wide variety of natural plants and medicinals.  In their search, they found only one plant that has benefits for the total human body system - - only one plant that has a wide array of nutrients and natural plant chemicals that have been scientifically linked to good health and that appear to act in a synergistic way to protect and strengthen all of the body’s major systems and vital organs.  Many plants and medicinal herbs have specialized benefits such as Aloe Vera for cuts and burns. But the only plant that we have found that treats the total human body is Nopal.        

Nopal is native to the American continent. However, so impressed with its properties were the Spaniards that they took Nopal from the Americas to many countries of the world beginning in the 1400’s.  While Nopal may today be found in places far distant from the Americas such as the Mediterranean, Israel and Australia , our tests indicate that the very best Nopal is found in Mexico .  This is because of unique climactic and soil/mineral conditions.

So important is Nopal in Mexico , that the emblem on the flag of Mexico has a royal eagle perched on a Nopal plant, clutching a snake in its talons.  This emblem stems from ancient Aztec legend and Nopal is said to hold within it the passion and the essence of the Mexican race.

Having found the plant and the very best possible source of supply, we then set out to find and develop a process to extract the active ingredients found in Nopal.  We have worked on the Desert Bloom method of processing Nopal for the last four years. The process is vitally important because a method had to be found that would not diminish the effects of any of the natural ingredients found in Nopal or the manner in which they work synergistically to strengthen, maintain and repair human body systems. 

Today several companies offer dehydrated Nopal in capsule or powdered form.  That is unacceptable for Desert Bloom because scientific tests of dehydrated Nopal indicate that its only benefit is course fiber, which does have some colon cleansing benefit -- but dehydration eliminates all of its other and more powerful benefits.  Again, our research indicates that it is not any one single nutrient or ingredient in Nopal that gives it its unique benefits, but the total combination.  It is very much like an orchestra.  Only when all of an orchestra’s instruments are doing their part is beautiful music heard. 

Consequently, Desert Bloom Nopal is an extract of Nopal in juice form.  Secondly, our studies have shown that heating serves to enhance the beneficial properties of raw Nopal.  Third, Desert Bloom Nopal is a 100% natural product with only natural forms of preservatives added.  In this manner, the Desert Bloom process of preparing Nopal is designed to retain and enhance the natural synergistic properties of Nopal. 

At the beginning of our testing among people in Los Angeles and in South Korea , we found even a single strength concentration of Nopal to have all of the benefits reported in prior research--in many but not all people tested.  We then developed a process for concentrating the extract, and expanded our testing to include different levels of concentration. The process developed permits concentration of the active ingredients of Nopal, including its 18 amino acids, unsaturated fats, soluble fiber (pectin in particular), and its essential vitamins, minerals and other natural phytochemicals.

As a result of extensive tests at varying levels of concentration, we determined that three levels of concentration provide the best results for a broad range of human conditions.

These concentrations include:


Silver - - which is 10 times more concentrated in its content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and soluble fiber than is single strength Nopal juice,

Gold - - which is 20 times more concentrated in its content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and soluble fiber than is single strength Nopal juice, and

Platinum - - which is 30 times more concentrated in its content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and soluble fiber than is single strength Nopal juice.

The results of our research, development and testing have truly been amazing.  Certain results we expected to find, but by concentrating the extract, we confirmed other reported benefits of Nopal that could not conclusively be demonstrated through the consumption of Nopal as a vegetable food or as a single strength juice extract.

As expected, we found that Nopal:

·         Reduces blood sugar to normal levels

·         Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides

·         Improves urinary function

·         Improves bowel function

·         Decreases tendency to gain weight

·         Type 1 Diabetics reported being able to reduce their intake of insulin by injection.

Additionally, when administered in our specially processed concentrated forms, we also found that Nopal:

·         Increases energy

·         Improves sense of well being and fitness

·         Improves circulation and lowers blood pressure

·         Reduces arthritic pain

·         Is effective for hemorrhoids

·         Restores menstrual activity in older women

·         Reduces excess gastric acid (which causes “heartburn”)

·         Improves male sexual function

·         Reduces skin spots due to aging

·         Is effective for healing ulcers

The founders of Desert Bloom want to share the potential of Desert Bloom Nopal with you.  Our life’s work has become Nopal because we have strong faith in its potential - - faith that is now supported by factual findings.

We will continue to explore and develop the Desert Bloom Nopal family of products.  And we believe that in the years to come, you will see “Desert Bloom” become a highly respected name in the health industry in many countries. 

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